Observation of Dilepton Production in Calcium-Calcium Collisions at 2.1 GeV/nucleon Kinetic Energy

R. Welsh (Johns Hopkins) 1992

This thesis was prepared under the guidance of Professor Leon Madansky. The measurement of the production rate of low mass dielectrons (0.05 < m < 1.25 GeV/c^2) produced in Ca40-Ca40 collisions at 2.1 GeV/nucleon kinetic energy is reported. Various candidate production mechanisms are presented. An inter-nuclear-cascade Monte-Carlo calculation which accounts for all observed dielectron production by the electromagnetic decay of known mesons (pi0, eta, and rho) and higher nucleon states, baryon bremsstrahlung and a possible contribution by pi+pi- annihilation is described. We study the possibility that high mass dielectron production occurs in central Ca40-Ca40 collisions by performing an associated charged particle multiplicity analysis.

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