Listed here are titles and links to abstracts of the Ph.D. theses written for the DLS Collaboration.

A. Yegneswaran (Northwestern U.) 1988
Low Mass and Low Transverse Momentum Direct Electron-Positron Production in Proton-Berylium Interactions

J. Gordon (UCLA) 1989
A Search for Low-Mass Dielectron Production in Proton-Berylium Collisions at 2.1 GeV

S. Beedoe (UCLA) 1991
Dielectron Production in Niobium-Niobium Collisions at 1.05 GeV/nucleon

Robert Welsh (Johns Hopkins) 1992
Observation of Dilepton Production in Calcium-Calcium Collisions at 2.1 GeV/nucleon Kinetic Energy

Franck Manso (Universite Blaise Pascal) 1993
Quelques Aspects de la Spectrometrie des Dileptons Aux Energies Intermediaires

Mustapha Bougteb (Universite Blaise Pascal) 1994
Production de Dileptons Dans Les Collisions p+Be A 4.9GeV, Multiplicite Associee, Comparaison A p+p Et p+d.

R. Jefferson Porter (UC Davis) 1995
Measurement of Dielectron Production in Ca+Ca Collisions at 1.05 GeV/nucleon Beam Kinetic Energy

Marguerite Prunet (Universite Blase-Pascal) 1995
Spectroscopie des Dileptons aux Energies Intermediares; La Reaction Carbone-Carbone A 1 GeV/A