Here is the data for the paper "Inclusive Dielectron Cross Sections in p+p and p+d Interactions at Beam Energies from 1.04 to 4.88 GeV"by The DLS Collaboration (nucl-ex/9708002 on the LANL preprint server). The paper has been published in Physical Review C:.C57:1865-1878,1998 . The data has been corrected for the DLS acceptance and efficiency WITHIN the region of m-pt-y space which the DLS can measure the cross section (the "acceptance space").

In order to compare a theory to the data the theory must also be filtered through the acceptance of the spectrometer. A filter code which will include the definition of the acceptance space, the effects of the DLS resolution, and allow one to make additional projections of the m-pt-y data will be released when the data is accepted for publication. Use of a previously released version of the filter may produce incorrect results, both in the overall magnitude and in the shape, especially at low mass.

You can find the data from these sources.