Inclusive Dielectron Cross Sections p+p and p+d Interactions at Beam Energies from 1.0 to 4.88 GeV
Submitted to Physical Review C
(July 31, 1997)

Filter - Because the DLS does not have 4-pi acceptance, it is necessary to restrict theoretical calculations to the spectrometer's phase space. The analysis in this paper uses a different phase space than used in previous publications.

The filter for this paper is different than the nucleon-nucleon paper. A different data base is required for the filter. Upon publication, you will find the pp and pd database here.

Please report successes and problems to us. If you download the code, please register with Howard Matis, so you can be informed of improvements to the code. The beta version does not have resolution smearing included. If you want to compare a theoretical calculation with our new data, this effect should be added.

A new filter which is much easier to use and includes resolution effects will be available soon. Please send mail to Howard Matis, so you will be notified on the latest filter developments.