International Conference on Soft Dilepton Production

LBNL Cafeteria Conference Room
Program (as of August 13, 1997)
Wednesday, August 20 (9:00 - 12:00)
Jorgen Randrup, LBNL - presiding

Lee Schroeder(LBNL)

Opening remarks

10 min

Wolfgang Cassing(Giessen):

Transport analysis of low mass dileptons from nuclear collisions at BEVALAC/SIS to SPS energies


Peter Lichard (Pittsburgh):

Elementary processes


Ken Wilson
(Wayne State):

Dilepton measurements in pp and pd collisions from E_beam=1 to 5 GeV


Wednesday, August 20 (1:45 - 5:15)
Wolfgang Kuehn, Giessen- presiding

Jim Carroll

DLS AA' measurements at 1 A GeV


Romain Holzmann (GSI):

Eta and pi_0 measurements with TAPS


Jianming Zhang
(Stony Brook):

Dilepton production In nucleus-nucleus collisions at 1.0 A GeV


Gyuri Wolf

Dilepton and vector meson production in heavy ion collisions


Charles Gale

Lepton pair production and hadronic phenomenology


George Fai
(Kent State):

Freeze out and feed back in fluid dynamics


6:00 Welcome Reception, LBNL Cafeteria

Thursday, August 21 (9:00 - 12:30)
Lee Schroeder, LBNL - presiding

Tetsuo Hatsuda

QCD constraints on vector mesons in hot/dense medium


Juergen Friese

HADES, the new dielectron spectrometer at GSI


Barry Preedom
(South Carolina):

Properties of vector mesons in nuclei (CEBAF E94-002)


Wolfgang Koenig (GSI):

Simulation of recoilless production of omega mesons


Su Hong Lee
(Yonsei Univ):

Vector mesons in medium with finite three momentum


Thursday, August 21 (2:00 - 5:30)
Hans-Georg Ritter, LBNL - presiding

Carsten Voigt

Results from the CERES experiment


Alessandro DeFalco(Cagliari):

Low mass dimuon production from NA38/NA50 data


Che Ming Ko
(Texas A&M):

Does a dropping rho mass give too many low-mass dileptons?


Kevin Haglin
(Lawrence Univ):

Thermal and dynamical estimates of pi-rho scattering contributions to dilepton production in heavy ion collisions


Christian Spieles (Frankfurt):

Drell-Yan contributions to lepton pair production in heavy ion collisions from constituent antiquarks


6:30 Bus leaves LBNL for Conference Banquet

Friday, August 22 (9:00 - 12:30)
Charles Gale, McGill - presiding

Jochen Wambach ( Darmstadt):

Hadronic description of low-mass dileptons in heavy ion collisions


Ismail Zahed
(Stony Brook):

Dilepton and photon emission rates from a hadronic gas


Jim Huang

Spectral function approach to dilepton production


Terry Awes
(Oak Ridge):

Photon measurements by WA98


Chungsik Song

Medium effects on photon production in ultrarelativisitc heavy ion collisions


Suenori Chiku

Soft modes associated with chiral transition at finite temperature


Friday, August 22 (2:00 - 5:00)
Barbara Jacak, Stony Brook - presiding

David Blaschke

Critical scattering in soft photon and lepton pair spectra at the hadronization transition


Jim Steele
(Stony Brook):

Marriage of Ward Identities with transport codes


Juergen Schaffner (Berkeley):

Strange and nonstrange condensates in the medium


Yuval Kluger
(Los Alamos):

Dileptons from a nonequilibrium pion gas


Krzysztof Redlich (Wrozlaw):

Dilepton and photon production in a non-equilibrium QCD medium


Vasuyuki Akiba
(Stony Brook):

Measurement of vector mesons at PHENIX